A fun week

We had a pretty good week this week. The weather has been up and down, up and down. It was rainy and windy, then snowy, blizzard like condition, and right after that the temps warmed up, rain started, and overnight all the snow was gone. Today we even had some sun, no wind, and great going out and play weather.

We had fun playing in the snow while it was here though.

And we even got out in the blowing wind and snow to build that snowman A has been itching to build. None of our snow has of late been the sticky kind that is great for packing, but once the weather warmed up it was sticky and perfect! Just look at this guy!

Unfortunately our snow man had melted completely away less than 12 hours later.
A got out the paints this week, and did this painting of Pushki
and the reaction that occurs when it comes in contact with skin and sunlight. Huge blisters! LOL.

We played Dino Math Tracks several times this week. Man she begs for this game. And she is reading thousand numbers and doing place value so well now.

Thursday night was our pottery class. It was so much fun. I think we both had a blast. We have this once a month through May.

After playing with the clay for awhile, the kids had a chance to make anything they wanted which would later be fired. A decided to make a house. She did a pretty good job. Next glass she said she is going to make the roof and some people.
Today I spent the day baking and cleaning up. Dh is sick again, so much sickness is going around here right now. I am just trying to keep A and I well. Hope everyone has a great weekend.