Almost Wordless Wed.- A's Desert Drawing

A decided first thing this morning that she wanted to draw and explore a desert habitat. She worked on this for 2 and a half hours, including the break she took to go read "The Magic School Bus Gets Dried Out" and she talked a lot to me about Desert animals, adaptations, and scarcity.

Check out the details... She decided that it needed to rain after she had already drawn the sun "because desert flowers only bloom after a rare rainfall mom, and I want to draw flowers in my picture."

Check out the detail, the scorpion, the pickery (yep the pig looking thing), the bird, the horned lizard LOL.

LOVE this drawing


Unknown said…
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MommyWise said…
Her drawing is AMAZING!
Joyful Learner said…
I love all the details. Her drawings show confidence.

K loves to draw raindrops and the sun every time there's a rainbow.

It would be nice if we lived closer because A and K would make good friends. K usually prefers older children, 9 years and up with whom she can look up to. Maybe you can find an older girl to play with her? With peers, we try to find things to do that everyone can enjoy like open hours at the gym or play in the park. I hope A finds friends with better fit. Sometimes, you only need one good friend.