I'm here

I know I haven't been posting much :( But I am here. Things have been crazy. But I have been taking lots of pics, and I hope to have a chance to get on tomorrow and post them.

This week was really busy. DH had an interview in Corpus Christi, so we all went for 3 days and A and I enjoyed the beach while he had his all day long meeting, then we drove to Dallas where we spent the night and the next morning, DH flew to PA for and interview Thursday night, then flew back Friday morning, and then Friday night had a phone interview in Alaska, and they want to fly both of us up in 2 weeks...don't know who would watch A though, but I really want to go and see the area if we would be living there. Dh should here sometime next week from the other two. I don't get excited at this point because I know that even when they fly you out and pay for everything, they are still considering at least one other candidate...which means you have a 50% chance of getting the job, or if 2 others, then you have a 33% chance....so well nothing is ever set in stone.

Anyway, that is where I have been. Back at my mom's for now. Waiting to see what this week will bring.