No Money Christmas quest!

Okay, So we are in a job search as I posted last week....things are going well here, but of course money is tight....well right now I am LOVING Swagbucks. This sight is awesome... just go to the home page and search...anything, your normal Internet searches, and you have a chance of winning. The search results pull from Google and Ask, so they are pretty good. You can redeem your swagbucks for lots of prizes. I have been doing this a little over a month and so far I have redeemed $15 in Amazon gift cards which I have banked in my Amazon account!

So I am challenging myself.....All Christmas shopping money for this year will come through swagbucks. Christmas will be money free. Yep. I am excited!

Haven't tried swaybucks yet? Today is a great day to sign up and start winning. It is Friday which means bigger swagbuck awards!

Another thing I love about this site, if a friend signs up at your request you earn matching points for there searched too. I have had one friend that I have already earned enough points for me to have another amazon gift card.

I just added the swagbucks swidget to my blog so go check it out....and join me in my No Money Christmas quest!


Honey said…
I joined swagbucks under you so hopefully that'll add to your pot too! I also signed up for book sneeze...really cool to have free books!

This year our Christmas is all handmade momma stuff so swagbucks will be cool for the stuff other mommas make! Gotta love Amazon GC's!

Amanda said…
Awsome! I have so far cashed in $25 in Amazon gift cards, which is great. Definitly gotta love free stuff. Hope you get lots too!