Got a new computer and everything else

Definitely not an ideal time, didn't need the added expense right now, but also have to have a computer to job hunt....and well mine went kuput. It had been having problems for a long time, and I had been using duck tape to hold it together, but well after an hour and a half of trying to get it to work, it just wouldn't. I am still learning all the ends and outs, but it works, it is own, I can type, and help DH with his job search.

On the job search has been a busy week. DH had 3 phone interviews scheduled on Monday and then ended up hearing from 5 more positions on Monday. He had an interview on Tues, one today, and one tomorrow. He has an in person scheduled for next Tuesday and one for the end of the next week, and a skype interview scheduled as well I am really hoping he hears back from a particular one tomorrow or the beginning of next week to ask him to come out. Praying very hard. I could really use the week ending on a good note.

On the A front LOL..... well tested her reading level again the other day, and in not quite 2 months she has jumped form a reading level of 1.9 to 2.6! Can't believe she is reading on an almost 3rd grade level. She is surprising everyday me with her reading.

We went to the library at Nana's the other day, and well it was a disaster. They wouldn't give A a library card! Because I don't have a local license...ummm because we are living her temporarily this summer.... she was in tears. She left crying because well " I hate this library! They are mean. They let other kids check out books but not me." She was devastated. It was an awful experience for a child who LOVES books and LOVES the library. I ended up taking her to a local used bookstore and let her buy some books. She choose 2nd and 3rd grade chapter books...not the step into reading ones...I was impressed that those where the ones that she really wanted...and I was not going to tell her no after the library fiasco.

So that is life right now, busy, crazy, stressful. I am tired. LOL


I hope the job for DC will come through! When I was visiting my parents, we solved this library problem very simply - my mom got a library card. With the speeed my daughter consumes her books and asks for new ones, I'd go bankrupt in the bookstores, even in used ones :)