Summer fun in pics

Summer fun! Lots of pics of what we have been up to. Before the move and after.

Strawberry picking! Unfortunately we had to give all the strawberries I put up away when we moved.... but it was fun and A really enjoyed herself. She did a GREAT job.

Playing at the beach! I am missing this lake right now.

Made it to Nana's house!

And headed to the local park called the "Duck Pond" where I remember going as a child.

I wish I would have gotten picks of the awesome Nutria that we saw. He came right out of the water and had huge orange teeth. Last time we went we saw 6 of them, and they ate the chips we tossed to the ducks.

And A's first sparkler experience. She had a lot of fun. She missed the fireworks that we could see just walking out the door of our old house, so daddy bought some to shoot off, which was just as good she said.