Changes Changes Changes

The title says it all. BIG changes have been happening here, which is why I have not written in awhile. I needed some time to adjust basically.

So let me catch yall all up. Well my husband resigned his position, lots of reasons and thoughts and considerations went into this, and although I am not happy to be in the midst of a job search for him, I know that somehow God is leading us, and I try to take comfort in this. So we figured we might as well pack up and head to my mom's for the summer since our lease was about to be up. So we are now here in Louisiana at my mom's. A is loving spending time with Nana even though she misses home. And the job search has started off strong. Dh started sending out resumes about 2 weeks ago, and he has already had or has scheduled for the next week 7 phone interviews, so not bad at all. I am just not looking forward to the whole long process of executive job searches....usually multiple telephone interviews, sometimes multiple in-persons, and just weeks and months....but I am trying. to keep things as normal as possible for A now. So, we brought all of her school stuff, the shelving and everything, and set it up at Nana's. And I think this has really helped her adjust.

She is doing great. Reading at a a mid 2nd grade level now. I have decided on RightStart math for us, but I am not sure when I am going to order level B and start.... I think it depends on how everything with the job search goes, and well it is summer, and we have lightened up a bit, so probably in the fall.

Anyway, I will be better at blogging again, I just needed sometime to adjust, pack the whole, house, and move halfway across country LOL. Good job search vibes are much appreciated though


This is quite a big change, and I hope that your husband will find a new job quickly! And maybe in the new place there will be better educational options for your gifted child too. Good luck!
MommyWise said…
I know how stressful things can be with everything so "up in the air" so I'm sending ya'll positive prayers for everything.