First day of school- Little W style!

After a whirlwind few weeks of getting settled into our new state, new town, new home, we decided to start school the Tuesday after Labor Day.

I would have to say, our first day back was a success! 
Both kids loved every minute and both deserve their own blog post.

I'll focus on the little guy first.

He was so excited. All week he has been calling me "teacher". It is the most adorable thing ever.
"Teacher, come do school with me" 
"Teacher, that was fun"
"Teacher, let's go work on counting by 10's"

Our new house has room downstairs for a designated school room.
I love how we set it up.

Little W had a busy first day.
Calendar time, Montessori Landmark Work, and Fine Motor Skills work.

Unlike his sister who was writing all the time by this age, Little W hasn't taken to tracing or writing yet. Amazingly, this activity, painting with water over letters and words on his chalkboard easel, was a big hit. He said it's the favorite thing he did on his first day.
 He even wrote his name by himself afterwards.

Counting by 10's is the big new thing this week.
Now he can count by 10's to 100's, recognize 10-100, and put the number cards in order.

Little W has been asking a lot of questions lately about the earth and the sun and how the sun sets and rises. So we pulled out the sandpaper globe, took it into a dark room, and used a flashlight to represent the sun.
Now he can't stop talking about how the earth spins, rotates around the sun, and how when it's day here, it's dark on the other side of the Earth.

 Of course to end the day we had to play Candy Land.
It's way to easy for him, but he has a lot of fun. 
I actually need to find some more games that can challenge him.

Overall, it was the perfect homeschool day!