Art 101

Finding our way back into the groove of homeschooling has brought peace and contentment to all of us. After 5 months of stress and uncertainty, we have found our rhythm and for that I am grateful.

A is creative. I don't know if there is a day that goes by that her creativity doesn't manifest itself in some way. Whether drawing, writing, painting, or inventing, her mind never rests. 
One of the things she asked for this year was that we make a more conscious effort to focus on art. She asked to do a structured art time at least once a week. 
So far it has been a success.

Our first art project was a self portrait with a twist.
A practiced drawing BIG and only focused on half her face. 
She folded the paper into eighths to form a grid of sorts and after studying pictures of herself, she went to work.

She then went over her lines with a black marker before using crayons to add color.

The other half of the paper was filled with her name.

The finished product was a success and is now hanging in her room.

For our second week art project we studied pointillism and focused on the works of  Georges Seurat and Paul Signac. A was especially impressed after trying her hand with this project at the size of Seurat's piece, A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte. This work took Seurat more than 2 years to complete and is approximately 7x10 feet! 

Instead of using paint, we decided to ease our way into the style using fine tip markers. This was both much easier and quicker, which is good when we were squeezing this project in to the time Little W was napping.
Being the first week of Fall, we focused on fall leaves.
We traced a leaf and then began!

We both used mainly warm colors for our leaf and offset it with a background of cool colors.

I love the way both of these turned out. Mine is the one with the green background. A of course chose her favorite color of  purple for hers.
She started on a pumpkin piece using pointillism as well that I will share when completed.

This weekly time is just what we needed.