Farm School!

It's Harvest Time here in Montana! It's amazing to see all the work that goes on. We were lucky to be invited out to spend the morning on one of DH's board members farms.

W was in HEAVEN seeing all the big trucks, tractors and farm machinery.

I think the favorite part for both kids was getting to actually ride in the combine harvester while they men harvest barley.

A had fun catching grasshoppers and this little guy even got to catch a ride in her shirt pocket.

Our host couldn't let us leave without taking us out to her garden and letting the kids help pick vegetables.

Such an awesome experience for both kids!

Corn and carrots....

potatoes and onions...

Even a few strawberries that they devoured immediately and a large head of cabbage!

Such a great day. We went home and made a giant pot of cabbage soup with all our goodies. A bubbling pot on the stove perfect for the changing seasons.