A Little Nature Study

The weather has turned cooler, but in the past month we have had some great days to get out and enjoy our world.

A still enjoys playing and dressing up. I love that, and her imagination is incredible. I know at 9.5 these years are moving so quickly. Here she was dressed in her fur trapper outfit. We were in the front yard observing the many grasshoppers that were around in the beginning of September. A loves these little creatures.

A few weeks ago, we had the privilege of meeting this little guy.

He flew right into our big front window and we found him in the grass lying still on his back with just his legs twitching. We took him and gently held him until he seemed to regain his senses.

After about 10 minutes or so, he flapped a few times and off he flew. It was an amazing experience for the kids.

And of course no summer nature study can be complete without ..... ladybugs!

Ladybugs have been everywhere! Little W now searches for them everytime we go outside and he has a keen eye. We captured about 30 to observe and released them all back into the yard.

Our orb weaver spider friend from last year is back and has been busy. He makes the most beautiful webs and it's a pleasure for us to go outside each day and see what he has created.

I will leave you with the dragonfly W and I rescued. We observed it for a while and noticed it didn't move. Then ants came and the dragonfly started twitching but still did not fly. We lifted the pine straw and found it's leg was stuck. Shaking it gently it was able to dislodge and off it flew. He was a beauty!

I love seeing the natural world though my children's eyes.