Bioethics- designing our own homeschool course

A has developed a deep interest in the questions modern technology and biological advances raise. It all started with this Usborne Book. Genes and DNA is a great book and address the surfaces of these biological advances. A started reading this one night and we dove into a deep conversation at 10:30 at night.

The next day I gave her the Jodi Picoult book, My Sister's Keeper. She LOVED it and the intense questions it raises.

I then pulled out some books from my college freshman seminar class and gave A an article from it to read.

This is the paper she wrote after reading it. I am loving the conversations she and I have over these topics.

So now I am designing our own homeschool curriculum to count as a half credit for high school.
For the spine I am using the NIH Exploring Bioethics curriculum. You can take a look at it here.
It is a great curriculum. We started with examining types of questions and researching what exactly bioethics is and why it is needed.

I will be posting more about this later once I have the curriculum more fleshed out. We will be using lots of extra books, both fiction and nonfiction books, to round out our curriculum. Stay tuned for the complete list!


roundpebble said…
Thank you for sharing this. I checked out the link, and I agree that this is a great resource! I'm going to do this with my son, too.