Glacier National Park homeschool field trip

Wow another month has gotten away from me. It's been busy with homeschooling and field trips, hiking and birthday parties. Just a good and happy life happening in the everyday moments.

A few weeks ago we went on one of those fields trips. We found a homeschooling group in our area! Who knew? After being her for 7 months and thinking there were no homeschoolers, I stumbled upon a secret group. LOL!
They are wonderful and get together a few times a month and head out for a field trip every month or so.
This month we met up at Glacier National Park with some wonderful rangers for a nature hike.

It has been surprisingly warm this winter in Montana, and that week was no exception. Of course on the morning of the hike, we woke up to colder temps and snow flurries.

We didn't see animals, but we did see evidence of them. Bevers had been hard at work taking care of some trees in this part of the park. 
It was a pretty cool site!

They divided the kids into three groups based on ages and the kids just had so much fun.
Since A was in the older group, they hiked several miles through all type of terrain.

We saw beauty in every direction and a ton of moose scat. Yep, the kids found that amazingly gross!

The ranger even helped the kids conduct some science experiments.

It was just a great day all around. A even made a great new friend.
So beautiful just right in our own backyard.
We are truly blessed.


Tammy said…
That looks like a super day!

Our homeschool group in our county is basically inactive, but the one a county over is busy all the time. Cant wait til we have two cars so we can do more with them.

Glad A made a friend!