Another Montana weekend

In my last post, I shared our Saturday spent 
driving in the high plains. On Sunday, we headed in the opposite direction.
Southwest to the Lewis and Clark National Forest to spend the day basking in the glory of nature.

 Both kids had a blast exploring, but for little W this is all new and well, he was in heaven.
 He follows his big sister everywhere!
 He is just getting so big!
 Even though we were only spending the day, we pitched the tent so W could have a place to rest.

 It was cool and overcast, but the scenery was spectacular.

 Dad and A practiced some survival skills by using their water purification system.
 A found some kind of animal backbone hanging in a tree.
 We aren't sure what, but one of the rangers I asked on our homeschool hike in GNP believed it could be an elk or a moose.
 On our way home we saw a heard of beautiful deer and an amazing bever dam.

It was another great weekend in Montana.