Pi Day!

March 14th was Pi Day and of course we had to celebrate! It just so happened that the week before A had been working with Pi in her 7th grade Teaching Textbooks course. Perfect timing!

On the 14th we had a short day of school. Dh had to head down to Great Falls and he took A with him, so we got all our Pi Day fun in first thing in the morning.

We started off with the story of Sir Cumference and the Dragon of Pi.
This is a great series of living math books that we adore at our house and I plan on using as little W grows.

Then of course, we had to bake a pie! What would Pi Day be without PIE? 
Life skills and math- check that off for the day.

A read the directions and basically did the entire thing herself with just a little help from mom.

She decided on a Dutch Apple Pie and it turned out delicious.

I had one very proud just turned 9 year old, plus the house smelled amazing by the time she and dad headed out of town for the afternoon.

How did your family celebrate Pi Day?


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