Weekend Fun- Flathead National Forest part 2

My last post was about our weekend spent in the Flathead National Forest. I never got around to posting part two, so here it goes!
Both of my kids LOVE being outdoors, exploring nature, and feeling the freedom that comes with it.

A spent most of our second day in the forest writing. She said this is where she feels most at peace and inspired.
and how could one not feel that way surrounded by this beauty?

Of course we all did some fly fishing. A caught several brook trout.

Little W was fascinated!

I even caught my first fish on the fly rod...it still counts even if it was just the size of my finger! 

I love these two little people!

Pray for rain for Montana. We have not been able to get back to the forest as there are many fires raging around us. 
The beauty of nature, the destruction of fire, a cycle of life for sure, but still a frightening and saddening sight.