Weekend Fun- Divide, MT

This past weekend was my birthday and Dh, his mom, A,  little W and I headed down to Divide, MT several hours to the South of us to escape the smoke which had been filling the sky over our town. 

We stayed at the Silver Bow Club in a cabin near the Big Hole River.

The property had two cabins and a main lodge for guests to stay in. It was beautiful and the customer service was AWESOME! I punctured my tire on a rock coming in and Adam (the owner) patched it for me.

This is the main lodge. It sits on a stocked trout pond.

The inside of our cabin was incredible, and the beds were heavenly! This is the main bedroom downstairs 
And upstairs was a sleeping loft with 4 beds.

We did lots of fly fishing. Memom even got in on the action and caught her first fish on the fly rod!
A is becoming quite the fisherwoman and loves spending time with her dad.

Everywhere you looked it was breathtaking.

On my birthday I actually got the kids to smile for pictures for me!

Even little W had fun. He loved all the room to run and play!

Not to mention the horses! Seriously, don't all kids love horses?

A even found a grasshopper and a snake to observe. 

We all had an absolutely fabulous time! I was blessed to spend my birthday with my family in such a beautiful place!


Unknown said…
Beautiful place, beautiful weekend, and most of all beautiful family!
Tammy said…
What a gorgeous place, and a lovely family! W is growing up sooo fast!!