We are starting off the year with Botany in 8 Lessons as our science curriculum. The curriculum is geared for 8-14 year olds, and is basically college level material written in a way that will interest an upper elementary/middle school crowd. I like how each lessons has two sections. The first is for everyone, the second goes more in depth. We are loving it so far!

On our first day of school we covered photosynthesis in depth. Then A mad a leaf model to help her explain the process.

A photosynthesis crossword puzzle was a fun way to show her knowledge.

The curriculum introduces the molecular structure of chlorophyll and Latin vocabulary.

We also used the YouTube channel that supplements the curriculum to watch several videos.

The second week we studied plant cell structure. A made a diagram to include in her yearly binder.
And wrote down the function of each organelle.

She then used her diagram to make a plant cell cake!

It was quite yummy!

Even little W enjoyed it.

On our third week we covered plant classification. A made a chart for her binder. We learned a song to help us remember the order of classification. Kingdom, phylum, class, order, family, genius, species. We've had it stuck in our  heads all week.
So far a good start to the year!