Weekend Fun- Flathead National Forest...part 1

Montana is on fire. There are over 100 fires burning in our state. many near us. This is what it has looked like in my town for the past few days. 

There are several large fires burning near us in Glacier NP and the Flathead National Forest. Unfortunately, the beautiful area where we spent last weekend is currently threatened.

One thing I love about where we are, is the fact that in less than an hour, we can find ourselves in some of the most beautiful areas of the US.
The woods, the mountains, the streams, it soothes my soul.
Last weekend we headed into the Flathead National Forest both Saturday and Sunday.
I love that my children get to grow up experiencing all that nature has to offer!

Dh has fallen in love with fly fishing. A new passion has been found.

Little hands on little fish, perfection of a moment.
My heart is happy