A's Writings- the past year in review

It's that time of year again. A and I are getting ready for a new school year, and today I was getting her work binder ready. Of course she and I had to sit down and go through her work from last year. It always brings back memories of fun times.
I was so busy this past school year with a new baby that I really didn't get a chance to blog much. So while we were looking at her writing, I decided to take pics of some of her work from the past year and document it on the blog.

This work is was all completed while A was 7 years old. She would chronologically have been in 2nd grade.

We covered the second half of American History this year but also reviewed a bit from the year before.
This was one of the first writing projects of the year.
A review of explorers of the new world
Ponce de Leon
Our year of 2nd year of American History began with Civil War. We read many books which A had writing assignments on.

She was asked to write a newspaper article off an event in one of her assigned books.
Mill Girls Captured!
We studied many important historical figures this year.
Frederick Douglass
Thomas Alva Edison
A wrote a several page research paper on Thomas Edison after watching a documentary and reading a biography.

We also studied westward expansion and included some American Girl books in our curriculum. After reading one of the Kirsten novels, I asked her to pretend she was Kirsten and write a diary entry based on one of the events in the book. She chose the death of Kirsten's best friend.
Kirsten's Diary

She also wrote on several science topics this year.
We studied some neurology and the tale of Phineas Gage came up.
The Tale of Phineas Gage
In astronomy she was asked to do a creative writing assignment.
Life on Mars
And she did a quick little paragraph on atoms.

A has always loved writing poetry and this year was no exception. Here's a quick sampling of some of her poems from the past school year. 
Many of these were not assigned but done in her free time on her on accord.

St. Patrick
This one has to be one of my favorites!
What is My Brother?
Well, that's enough for tonight. 
I hope you enjoy this peek into last year.