Week One- Oak Meadow 6

We had our first day back to homeschool August 3rd. We stretched our week over two weeks since A and Dad went camping in the middle there.

This year we are using Oak Meadow 6th Grade for History and English.
We have A's school work all going into one binder. It is making it very easy to organize.
Each week in Oak Meadow, you are given a list of vocabulary words to define that have to do with the lesson.
A uses a dictionary to look them up and write them in her binder.

There are usually several assignments for Grammar, and there is an English Manual at the back of the book that goes over each concept.
The first week was a simple review of sentence types.

A and I both love how hands on Oak Meadow is. One of her first assignments was to draw a large map of Europe, Asia, and Africa. She will use this the entire year, adding to it as she studies new places.

After reading about Stone-Age people, A was able to choose from several projects.
She chose to make clay figures. Here she is with a Venus Figure she made. She learned that the female anatomy was often highly exaggerated with the face and legs being left without detail. 
She made several Stone Age animals as well.

Oak Meadow 6 is pretty heavy on the writing, but this is a good thing for us. A loves to write and it's a skill I find very important in preparing for higher education.

For her first writing assignment of the year, A chose to write about Animals of the Stone Age. She was asked to chose 3 animals and research how they may have been used by the ancient Stone-Age people.

She then added an illustration

Oak Meadow gives many choices for each assignment which has to be my favorite part. I don't have to think up creative ways for her to demonstrate her knowledge. This shows the project choices for day 4 and 5.

A decided on project B.
I thought she did a great job on her newspaper article!

It was a great first week with Oak Meadow 6.
We also covered Botany, Typing, Spanish, and 7th Grade Math, but I will leave that for another night.