A is my little engineer. 
She is always creating, problem solving, and building.
Of course I am back to using my Amazon Prime all the time because I really don't feel like driving an hour and a half to the nearest city to shop and then drive an hour and a half back. 3 hours in a car with a carseat hating Little W, No Thank You!
So the UPS man is once again my friend, and Amazon loves me again.
Reminds me of my time in Alaska!

Of course if you order from Amazon, you know each box is filled with these air cushion packaging things. Well A found a new use for them. She decided troll needed a flotation device. Of course just taping him on caused him to flip over.
She spent 30 minutes problem solving, experimenting, and engineering a solution Wednesday night.
Problem solved!
I love this girl!


Mindy said…
Hilarious!! So inventive. =)