Albuquerque zoo

I've been meaning to post the rest of our pictures from the zoo/aquarium adventure, but well, packing and moving got in the way. But I thought since I'm currently laying in a hotel room with a sleeping baby, now would be a good time to get these on the blog.
The Albuqurque Bio Park has a pretty amazing botanical gardens. We didn't get to spend as much time there as I would have liked, but it was still pretty awesome, and Little W loved the flowers.

We took the train from the aquarium/gardens over to the zoo.
I had never been to the Abq zoo, but it was a pretty good size. We saw all the requisite animals lol.

Visited with the peacocks and fed the ducks.

Explored the cats, seals, reptiles, and polar bears....

...and ended with momma and baby elephant.
A great way to end our time in New Mexico. We are currently on our way to our new home in Montana where we look forward to many more awesome adventures!


Unknown said…
Wow looks like a great day out!