Petroglyph National Monument

Since we are moving, we are trying to hit as many attractions in New Mexico as we can before we leave. The week before last, we headed to Petroglyph National Monument. There was so much more to see than I thought there would be and the whole family really seemed to enjoy the experience.

There are several trails you can hike and experience the hundreds of petroglyphs, but seeing as I was wearing little W we opted for one of the easiest and most developed. The Boca Negro Canyon offers the chance to see hundreds of petroglyphs in a small and accessible area.

As you can see, some of the petroglyphs were made as recently as the 1700 and 1800s by Spanish explorers and priests who came to this area and brought the Catholic religion to the Pueblos. Others were created hundreds of years before by the ancestors of the modern Pueblo people.

The landscape is truly striking and volcanic in nature. the petroglyphs are carved by scraping the outer "desert varnish"off the basalt rocks.

The petroglyphs are amazingly well preserved.

We had a great time and I am really glad A is getting to experience the varied culture and landscape of this amazing country of ours. One of the pluses of moving is the experiences she gains. I grew up and lived in one area until I was an adult and we rarely traveled, so I love giving her these experiences. 


Tammy said…
What a great trip!

I'd love to visit the petroglyphs someday. Well, several places in the southwest, actually.

Thanks so much for sharing this beautiful place.