Water, Water Everywhere- ABQ Bio Park Aquarium

What a fun day!
We took a break from some serious packing (5 days till the truck comes...eek!) to head down to Albuquerque and spend the day exploring the Bio Park (read- pretty awesome aquarium, botanical gardens, and zoo).
I think we all needed the break, but especially the kids. Packing and moving is such hard work and pretty boring when you are a kid.

I took a ton of pictures. I had never been to the Bio Park before. A and dad went a few weeks after W was born, but I stayed home with the baby. There was no way I was up for all that walking after preeclampsia, a c-section, and a preemie. It was a lot of fun to have A show me around and tell me all about each of the exhibits, and to see little W's face as fish, rays, and sharks swam right in front of him!

A and dad are REALLY into fly fishing, so needless to say they were very into the trout exhibit.
(Did I mention that I caught them looking at flies in the orvis catalog for a little bed time reading the other night? Man I love those two!)

My little guy (Can you believe he is almost 11 months) was fascinated by the aquarium. I forgot what it was like to experience everything through the eyes of a young child. Such wonder and newness!

A read up on the Deepwater Horizon oil spill and the clean up efforts. My future marine biologist (along with a thousand other careers she wants to explore) was very saddened.
Exploring the coral reefs was a lot of fun!

We even had the opportunity to watch an employee working.What a cool job he must have!
The disappearance of the worlds coral reefs was a bit upsetting for A as well. 

...but these Garden Eels rocked!

Being a starfish was pretty cool and definitely made us miss out little Alaskan island.
Did I mention how much W enjoyed it? LOL

Such a perfect day!
Stay tuned for our zoo adventure and all the wild adventures to come!