Well hello there good friends.This post is coming to you from a hotel room in Montana. In fact you will soon being seeing a great deal of Montana on this blog because in a little over two weeks this family of mine starts a new adventure in Cut Bank, MT. A little town just a half hour from the Canadian boarder.
It's a beautiful place where the plains meet the Rockies. It has the distinctive reputation as having been named "the coldest spot in the nation" although we can be sure the mean in the lower 48. 

Named for the Cut Bank creek that runs next to town, it has a significant history from Lewis and Clark's explorations.

It sits adjacent to the Blackfeet Indian reservation.
  And is the gateway to Glacier National Park just 60 miles away.

It has a great small town atmosphere that reminds me of the rural Alaska I have been missing. We get home tomorrow and I get busy finishing packing up the house before the truck comes to carry all our possessions to the land of the Big Sky.

Thanks for taking this crazy ride of life with me! Looks like we will be in for lots more adventures soon! 


Tammy said…
There you are!
I've missed your posts. Congrats on the new move, it looks like a beautiful place.

I'm looking forward to 'seeing' your new life here, so don't be a stranger! :D