Camping in the tundra

Two weekends ago we headed out for a little family camping trip. The weather was pretty warm and there was no wind.... a rarity here. Of course that meant the fog moved in and stayed in, but it was still a great night.

 Bella went with us and had a great time swimming in the nearby lake...
 ...and chasing bald eagles!
 A of course had to wear her coon skin cap. She is so adorable.
She found slugs even out here in the meadow. Luckily she didn't ask to bring it home this time. (on her cheek in this pic, you can really see the remnants of mosquito bites. She had woken up a few days before this with 15 bites on her. Boo!
 We cooked over an open fire, roasted marshmallows and made smores of course...
 and then we read. Yep even camping we bring our books.
 The next morning DH attempted to make french toast over the campfire. It would have turned out pretty good if we hadn't forgotten the syrup back in civilization LOL.
 But what a beautiful site to wake up to!
I have lots more to write about what w have been up to, but I need to get to bed. We have been getting up and going earlier this week since A has soccer camp every morning. Of course you can always read what we are up to at A's blog. Just click on the link, and leave her a little note. She is loving the comments she is getting.

Night All.