Anatomy, Botany, and Edible Cell Model!

 First...a beautiful sight out my kitchen window. A rainbow in the mist over the distant mountains. Breathtaking!
School has been a lot of fun this week. We have been busy exploring and creating with lots of hands on projects . We started our study of anatomy and A is thrilled.
We had a lot of fun looking at slides of mammal organs under the microscope.

After spending a few hours on anatomy, A asked if we could look at plants to. She wanted to know more about the parts of a flower and the actual process of pollination. So we headed off to get a flower and came home and got to work.
While looking in two of our science books, A created this chart, labeling all parts of the flower. I was pretty impressed.
 She also created this diagram of an animal cell.

 Remember I said we had to run out to get a flower. Well when we came back there was a message on my answering machine. It was my neighbor's daughter asking to barrow a lemon, but she spoke so softly I needed to replay it. My answering machine tried to eat the message, and it took me quite a while to find the message and replay it, and of course then call my neighbor back to let her no I didn't have any. During this drawn out process, I noticed A gathering a sticky pad and a pencil. This is what she created.
I love the spontaneity of writing practice!

So cute!

On to today. This afternoon we pushed on with our exploration of cells.
What better way to learn about cell structure than with jello and candy? Yep, that sounds like fun to me!
 Researching cell structure ...

 And there you have it. An animal cell....
jello- cytoplasm
yellow Mike and Ikes- mitochondria
black jelly beans- lysosomes
sour gummy worms- golgi bodies
green sour ribbon candy-  endoplasmic reticulum
orange sprinkles- free  ribosomes

Awesome isn't it?
All this equals one happy girl!
 ...who of course got to eat it. That's the best part!


May said…
Wow! We tried to do a cell model and it pales in comparison to yours. I'm re-doing this one.