Foxes, eagles, and seals....oh my!

My mom got to experience her share of Aleautian wildlife during her visit. Foxes, bald eagles, and seals were all around the last two weeks. 
I thought I'd share some of my favorite pics of them from my mom's visit.

My new little visitor...he's been spotted several nights recently around my house wandering at about 11pm.

Nesting bald eagle. Amazing

A seal enjoying some great weather and sunning on a rock.

More eagles

 This one was on my front steps banister. Menacing isn't he?

....on my roof my yard after dh was cleaning salmon.


 This old guy cracks me up.

My little visitor again, this time taken from my kitchen window, looking down into my garden area.

...and off he goes.
Amazing isn't it?


Megan said…
Whaaaaaa! I miss Alaska! I've been watching Alaska State Troopers lol and even all the drunk and drugged up folk make me miss Alaska. Your posts are much better :) Super amazing!
Tara said…
Fantastic pictures! Thanks for posting!
Tara said…
Amazing photos! Thanks for sharing.
Gabriela said…
Such a beautiful life! I'm glad I ran into your blog again.