Fishin' the river

Hi everyone. Sorry I have been missing for awhile. Bella knocked my computer off my bed and it died. Boo! I did managed to get all my pics off of it before it died completely. I am using A's little netbook for awhile. Anyway, it is summer her in Unalaska and the weather has been amazingly warm...we are talking 60s! Although with summer and warmth over the Bering Sea comes fog....and lots of it. We have been swimming in fog for at least the better part of the day for more than 2 weeks. Infact, when my mom was trying to leave the island, she was stuck for an extra 3 days due to us being fogged in. Trying to get mail in is crazy right now. I have an order of toliet paper from Amazon that ihas been sitting in Ancorage for 2 weeks. Yep, that's right I get my toliet paper from Amazon....subscribe and save and it is way cheaper than her. I had to make a run to the store for some the other day. Gasp! LOL

Anyway, last weekend I got busy making my house more of a home and painted my kitchen. This was a much needed project that I will post pics of soon. It took me 3 days, mainly because I stopped and we all went out fishing for the day on Sunday. 
We headed out right after lunch with a wonderful family we are friends with and the guys decided it would be fun to take the boat into the river and anchor it. Here they are walking it in at low the time we left the tide was in and the water was plenty deep for the boat.

 The eagles were watching us come in. They wanted the fish all to themselves.

 M giving the guys thumbs up as we head into the river.

Then it was waders on and time to fish.

 A and Dh are two peas in a pod.

We mostly caught pinks(salmon) but dh did hook this pretty large dolly. In fact that guy is on the menu this weekend :)

I even got into the action and hooked a few...actually about a dozen but they all got released back in so they could finish their swim and spawn.

And yes, M did hook that big guy and reel it in on the Mater pole! LOL. He's 3 years old.
 A even got to play big sis for a few hours. This little guy is 7 months old. Isn't he adorable. Totally makes me want another.

 Catching all the fish we were, we started to attract a crowd. Hungry guys hoping for a free meal.
 And this one snagged a pink right as it was coming in.

 Here's one more shot of me with a pretty large one. This was so much fun.
 And I will leave you tonight with a few more eagle shots.

I just put A to bed, although I am sure she's not asleep yet. I am exhausted after our camping adventure of last night (pics to come) and still need to put up the 17lbs of halibut fillets dh brought home tonight and to finish up deciding on curriculum choices for next year and place my orders. Night all!