A has her own blog now!

Hello all. It's been an icky week here weather wise, but we've still been having a lot of fun. A has had camp every afternoon this week. It's the Unangan camp she participated in last year. She loved it then, and is loving it now. Tomorrow they are making medicine with the plants they picked on their nature walk today.

I have been using the 3 hours each afternoon this week for planing for next year. I will be posting more about our homeschool plans soon, but for now I want to let yall all know that A has her own blog now. You can find her at www.ansleyssuperworld.blogspot.com. Leave her a comment and let her know you reading. It will make her day.


Jessica in WI said…
My husband and I just decided to homeschool our oldest for kindergarten this year. It was a long decision that we made over the course of 5 years after having various friends decide to homeschool. I can't wait to hear your plans for this year!
MommyWise said…
What a cool idea! It will be fun seeing what she has to say.