Fishing, Bering Sea Style

Fourth of July was a lot of fun, and I have those pics to post as well, but today was just to much of an amazing day not to share pictures with all of you right now.

The wind laid down and the seas were calm, dh was off, and so it was a perfect day to head out on the boat and show my mom the island.

We headed out first to Priest Rock in search of the sea lion rookery that hangs out there.

The boat ride out there was filled with amazing sights.
Sea birds of all kinds...
Mountains rising up out of the ocean shrouded in mist...

...and caves cut away into the rocks by the power of ocean waves.

...and then there they were...
Huge sea lions, sunning on the rocky shores.

...and bald eagles swooping in for a meal fresh from the ocean.
They are magnificent, amazingly large animals.
I was so excited to share this moment with my family. The awe in the faces of my mom and A was priceless.

The beautiful Aleutians...God's majestic work.
We spotted many a puffin in flight.
And whales frolicking in the icy water.

And then we stopped for a little fishing. My mom landed several cod!
And I hooked a halibut...several actually, but this was the only on that made it into the boat. 4 others got off before we could bring them over the side.
I caught some cod as well...
...and won points for the smallest fish hooked. LOL!
 Look at that little guy.
We fished some more...
...while A hung out and read about dog sledding. LOL

Then we landed on a school of black rockfish, aka black bass, and my mom hooked several of those. They all went back over the side though.
A finally decided she wanted to fish, and she landed quite a few of her own.

Now this one did make it home with us at A's insistence. She was so proud of her big fish and it will make a great meal.

 And I will leave you with these parting shots. Bunkers left over from WWII. How in the world did those men get up there? That is not a climb I would want to make.



Ercotravels said…
Awesome post with beautiful photographs. Nice account.
Johnny said…

I got nice memories when I found your blog and looked at the pictures. I grew up not to far from North Cape, Norway. My wife is a southerner just like you and I have to admire her for moving (and living) this far North. After all the climate is like night and day compared to the South.

Best wishes,