Valentines Day Fun

We had a lot of fun activities planned for this Valentine holiday.

We had a homeschool Valentine party hosted by one of the mom's and most of the homeschooled kids on the island were present...a few were out of town.

The kids made mailboxes that everyone could put their valentines in. It was a lit of fun and A really enjoyed it.

That night DH took A and I out for a fancy V-day dinner at the Grand and we all had a lot of fun.

Tonight was the PCR Father/Daughter Valentines Dance. 
DH and A braved the weather (it was super nasty with blowing ice and snow) and headed out. I snapped a few pics before they left and then I headed out to meet a friend for dinner.

On my way home I stopped by and snapped a pic of the two of them dancing and then slipped away. The photos aren't the best quality since they are from my phone, but it was great seeing them in this moment of joy.

I love my family. Happy Valentines Day!


Briana said…
So fun! We had a playdate here too.. making cupcakes. I'll have to use your mailbox idea next year.