Colonial candle dipping

Friday we woke to a beautiful morning...

of course later it turned nasty...oh Unalaska weather, but we had a great day anyway continuing our study of colonial times by dipping our own beeswax candles.

A grated the beeswax and then we placed it in an old coffee tin in a pot of simmering hot water to melt.

The process is a long one

...and A realized what a hard job it was in colonial times to light a home. In our 2 hours we made 8 make enough for a whole family, for a whole year, to use as their main source of light, well...she decided she liked electricity best LOL.

My beautiful colonial girl showing off her finished candles.

We let the candles dry between dips and the smell was wonderful!

The fruits of our labor, lighting the dark.

A beautiful moment.


Sandra said…
Your little girl is just beautiful, what a sweet face :)

And good job on the candles, I've done this before and you're right, it takes a lot of time and patience LOL
That looks so fun. What wonderful memories you're making, and her dress is so cute (and so is she).
Amanda said…
Thank you both. :) It was a lot of fun and I thinks she's beautiful too....I'm not biased at all right? LOL
once again that last photo says it all. I love the neat things you do with home schooling. You make it more fun for your dd that I forget you are actually teaching her.

Unknown said…

Its blog entries like this that make me want to change my mind about doing History by the timeline!