Hide the knives!

Well I had a post planned for the fun we had this weekend, but that will have to wait as it is now hard to type.

Here is why.....

Yep, that's my ring finger on my left hand, complete with 7 stitches. :( 
This afternoon I was cutting an apple for A and was totally to lazy to wash the dirty knives so I used the big huge chef knife and...wack. GAAH. Within minutes I knew this was bad and called dh at work (at the clinic) wrapped my finger tight and drove to the clinic where dh was waiting in the lobby for us. The bleeding never slowed, the entire 30 minutes until the stitches were put in. 

It;s throbbing and hurts, but I am blessed to have such wonderful medical care at my fingertips..no pun intended. 

No more knives for me. And the bad thing, this is totally dh's fault for jinking me. A was slicing a tomato at lunch under our supervision and she told dad that she was great at this. "I observe mom when she uses one so I am great at it." DH's witty response was "I don;t think you should be taking you knife holding skills from mom." Thanks hun....not 4 hours later and I slice it wide open...literally about halfway through the finger.

The pain was not as bad as the doctor teaching the PA student about the numbing shots and narrating "now you want to go down until you hit the bone, then move back and run the needle down along the side of the bone." Okay, I so don;t want to hear that. LOL

All is well though. I should go get them out in a week. 

So to emergency visits to the clinic in less that a week for me. I told dh I am just helping to keep them in business ;)


Sandra said…
Oh my, so sorry, that does look painful.

Hope you start feeling better soon.
Karin said…
Oooo...looks painful! Hoping for a speedy healing!

I sliced my thumb on the Ninja Food Processor about a week and a half ago. Almost passed out...

No stitches but it still hurts like the dickens!