Our day

Man it's been a busy week. Today A and I spent a few hours this morning at the clinic...basically I combined 5 appointments into one. Yep, that's how I roll LOL! A and I both had our checkups, me my annual and her her 6 year...she won't be 6 till March, but close enough. Then I got my stitches out (woohoo!!!!), the doctor loaded up A and I with allergy meds to try to head off the effects of a Louisiana spring in preparation for our visit with Nana next month, and I got some more asthma meds to take with me so that hopefully it wont get as bad as it did last year I was there. I also am finally getting all the blood work done to see if I have any underlying disorders that contributed to my severe pre-eclamspia with A. Just almost 6 years later. They drew so much blood that I felt like I was sucked dry. 10 viles. Nice huh? It was also time for my B-12 shot that I get every 3 months so I got that taken care of. Two hours later, A and I were set. Needless to say, school didn't happen today. But I thought I'd leave you with a pic of some math from yesterday. This afternoon we made Johnny Cakes to go along with our study of colonial times, but I haven't uploaded those pics yet so stayed tuned.


Karin said…
Oh yeah! Julie LOVES those equations!!
Blessed Momma said…
Hey y'all. Just found your blog! I'm a southern momma transplanted to the wilds of NY. But honey, you ARE up north :).
My oldest daughter has the good fortune of being named Amanda!
Glad to "get to know you"!
Peace & Strength