Happy Thanksgiving to you all. I hope it was a wonderful day filled with smiles, love, and laughter. Here on our island, being so very far from many of those we mom, Dh's family, we can choose to sit and miss or we can take it into our own hands and create our moment...and that is what we did on this day.

I started cooking early this morning, preparing for a great meal. By early afternoon my house was filled with friends both old and new ready to sit down and share a meal with us.Create your own family, isn't that what they say....well we were a interesting bunch....A friend who has lived on the island 14 yeas, and whose wife is off island with their son awaiting the birth of their next child, A police officer who has been here for several years, who Ansley just looks up to with such admiring eyes LOL, a new officer who has been on the island for less than a week, and another couple, he's a police officer as well, who have been here for 4 months. It was a great meal, with great friends new and old, and my heart is filled with happiness.

I am so thankful for many many things this year. For my home, family, and country in which we are free and where I can praise God from whom all blessings flow. I am thankful that even living were we do, we have met great friends and such amazing people.

I am thankful that I am finally starting to feel better and for the wonderful doctor I have who is figuring everything out. I found out last week that my Vitamin b12 levels were low, along with my magnesium levels, and that my eosinophils are way high and thus explain the massive asthma issues I have been having.

So I started on magnesium and 2 for allergies/asthma, and am not getting shots for b12 and seriously, after one shot I am already having more energy. We are still waiting to see what my Vit. D levels will be, but I am thankful for a wonderful friend and provider who helps figure me out.

So that is actually why I have not been posting as much. Between the chronic migraines and asthma and no energy I have just not been all here. Hopefully what I am doing now will start to relieve those and I will be back to myself very soon.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Now I am off to sleep and exhausted sleep.


glad you're feeling a bit better already.