Thanksgiving, duck hunting science, and a game of scrabble

Well hello all! Long time no blog LOL. It's been busy here with the holiday season kicking in, and I am finally starting to have more energy after my b12 shot and starting my supplements, so I have been busy around the house instead of sitting down to get on here.. We have of course been doing school and learning everyday. The unit on the pilgrims in our history book just happened to hit right on time for Thanksgiving. 
A read Squanto, Friend of the Pilgrims, traced the pilgrims voyage, listened to me read aloud The Diary of Remember Patience Whipple and then wrote a paper on the first Thanksgiving.
The pic is not the best, but at least you can see the gist of it.

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving. We are so blessed that even though we do not have family on this island, we have so many great friends. Our house was full for the entire day, with 5 guests joining us for dinner.

After sleeping the late the next morning, A and I got to work decorating the tree.
 Mom, this pic is for you ;) not read further if you are offended by hunting or the dissection of animals........

This past weekend, Dh to A duck hunting for the first time. They brought home a duck and A was so proud. ...remind me to tell yall the story of the "duck who wouldn't die" sometime when I am not so tired. LOL
 But of course my little scientists, does not just see a mean when she looks at the duck. Oh no, she was jumping up and down while dh did the cleaning, begging for the organs to dissect  Well, the stomach and intestines to dissect  what she really wanted to do with the heart, was to put it on ice, and shot another duck the next day and attempt a heart transplant!

She eventually settled on the dissection of both.

 She was able to observe first hand how birds often eat small stone to help grind and digest their food as the ducks stomach was full of tiny pebbles. She could also see some seaweed fragments.

Alright, enough gross out pics. Today we did nothing so interesting, but played a fun game of scrabble in the afternoon that has proven I need to bone up on my words. Now granted I have never been great at this game or at spelling (which this game totally needs), but when the 5 year old's score is less than 40 points less than yours....well I think I am in trouble! LOL.

Night all. I will try to be better about sharing what is going on around here.