Creative Musings of a 5 year old

A has been busy as usual lately, but has spent a great deal of her time experessing herself creatively through drawing.

While I was fixing dinner the other day, she created the dot to dot for me to complete.

The fox on black paper and oil pastel that she created in art class the other day. I love it and it is now framed and hanging in her room.
A girl eating an ice cream cone at the beach and spilling her cherry soda :)
And just like her dad, the obsession with Calvin and Hobbes has begun. I am amazed by these drawings she is doing.

And these 3 are all from this afternoon.

We may even have a budding comic strip creator.

And the creativity hasn't just been limited to paper. She decided to create a Thanksgiving ginger bread house. I had a massive migraine so dh took A and her best friend to the park Sunday so I could rest. Then he swung by the store with them where they promptly picked out tons of candy to create their vision.

This was done completely on there own. They thought of everything from grass, to coco powder for the soil. Amazing. Now if I can just keep the dog from eating it we should be good.

I love A's creativity and hope that spark always stays with her.


she is indeed a very good artist for her age. I also love the detail in the gingerbread house, very creative.

Unknown said…
Wow....she IS very talented!!! SE makes my heart smile :)
Unknown said…
Wow....she IS very talented!! She made my heart smile :)
Thank you for sharing!