Tundra Fox...a winter day

When I was uploading pics, I saw this one taken on the same day last year.....What a difference! It has been such a different winter this year.

This year....

It has been the snowiest winter. We have had quite a bit of snow on the ground with no break since Dec. 19th...over 2 months! This southern girl doesn't know what to think. Everytime I think it is starting to melt, we get dumped on the next day. over 6 inches more fell last night and it has been snowing steadily all day. So A and I stayed in today and painted.

This is mine.... Tundra Fox- acrylic on driftwood

And this is A's version.....



MommyWise said…
Wow. Ansley's art blows me away. I regret I have yet to do art with my girls.