The countdown is on....4 days!

Be is late, I am tired, and I am totally not re-reading this after I write it- so if there are typos and ramblings, well you know what I am trying to say.... right? LOL

4 days until Kookie and I leave the snow, winds, and blizzards behind us and find ourselves in the midst of a beautiful southern spring!

That's right....we are headed on vacation. Back to Louisiana and the beautiful sun, warm weather, and spring flowers. It can't come soon enough. As I type it is blowing hard outside. The house has been shaking all day and if you have never endured sustained hurricane force winds for days at a time, the noise can not be described. It is 18 degrees outside right now, but feels well below zero. Driving down or up our hill is treacherousness to say the least. Thankfully the road crews have been working overtime this winter, but I can not count the number of times I have faced near white out conditions, slid down the mountain, or gotten stuck in a snow drift this winter. This winter has been hard. We have had a massive amount of snow, on the ground, since before Christmas. Just this weekend we woke up to another 6+ inches over night, after having spent the previous evening shoveling the driveway.

I love snow. I love winter. But honestly, I am finally tired of it and so ready for a break. I am ready to be outside, feel the warm blast of air when I step outside, and see green! I have not seen green since September. Ansley is excited too. She can't wait to be able to go to the park and swing. The swings here have been buried by snow, or if not, the snow is so high under them that you can't dangle your legs down. She is looking forward to fast food. That rare once a year treat that occurs when we leave the island. Being 800 airmiles from the nearest McDonalds is not exactly cool when you are a 5 year old LOL. She has a list of places to go... "McDonalds, Burger King, Chuck-E-Cheese, the duck pond, sci-port, the alligator farm, the zoo" It will be a busy trip trying to fit it all in, but oh so hard not to try my best to oblige her when it will be another year before she has the chance again.

So on Friday we fly out...God willing. The weather here is so unpredictable and today no flights were able to make it I am sure. So please pray for weather to cooperate. And God willing we will be in Texas by early afternoon Saturday. A 4 hour drive to my mom's and our vacation can officially begin. 2 days of flying is tiring, but it will be well worth it.

This week we are busy preparing. I taught my last art class today for a month, and the kids were wonderful as always. And they and their parent's surprised me with a wonderfully sweet card with beautiful notes in it and a $100 gift card for me to use on my trip. I teared up reading what they wrote. I love teaching this group of kids and I love that it gives my daughter the opportunity to get together with her friends.

A has two get togethers with friends this week before we leave, and I need to pack sometime. Although I really don't have to many clothes to bring that will work in almost 90 degree weather, so I guess a little shopping will be in order when we arrive.

For now I am headed to bed. But a quick update on the school front. I will try to post pics when the weather is better and the satellite internet actually lets me upload some pictures.

A has been studying cells this past week. She made a model of an animal cell, a plant cell, discussed the structure of each and created venn diagrams comparing the parts of each type of cell. This week we are studying the processes of diffusion and osmosis and today we did an experiment to demonstrate diffusion. Tomorrow we are demonstrating osmosis in a quick experiement and then talking about the different stages of cell reproduction and looking at onion skin under the microscope to see what stages we can see. I picked up a middle school science textbook from the library which she is devouring. Which has got me looking for curriculum for next year and currently it looks like we will be doing middle school chemistry and earth science. She wants to finish out this year with cells, genetics and DNA, and after that "I want to study prosthetics." This is her new area of interest since watching Dolphin Tale. I have to say, I love homeschooling because with her leading and us following her passions, I learn so much myself. Amazing!

Good night for now.


Megan said…
yay! have a great trip!