5 years old

Saturday my baby turned 5. FIVE! I have no idea how this happened. How fast the years have flown by. Just yesterday she was a baby in my arms, and today she is this amazing little person. Sweet, kind, energetic, beautiful, caring, brilliant....okay, I'm not biased am I? LOL.

She had a intimate party with 2 families of friends Friday and on her birthday morning she had a big special present waiting for her...more on that later, and then headed to one of her friend's birthday party.

A always has very ummm.....creative I guess you could say, ideas for her birthday cakes. When she was 2, she wanted a 3D Thomas the Train cake. At 3, she asked for a "present cake" When I asked what that was she said . "A cake that is a cube, that's a square in case you didn't know mom, and is decorated like a present." I will never forget those words. Surprised me coming from a not yet 3 year old. Last year she asked for two human body cakes...one showing the circulatory system and one showing the skeletal system. And this year, well this year she wanted an atom cake. ...with "an odd number of electrons, I think 5 would be best mom, since I am turning 5" So I got to work creating Boron LOL!

So without further ado....the Atom cake.....

I have learned from past experiences and this time drew a diagram for prior approval LOL! She chose the colors and was quite pleased.

Happy birthday my sweet child. You are the best thing that has ever happened to me. I thank God everyday for blessing us with you.


Karin said…
Happy birthday!! What a fun looking day!! And a great cake!

The Genetics and DNA kit looks cool...can you give details on it so I can look it up on Amazon, please?? Manufacturer? We need a review of it when you use it!!
Amanda said…
Thanks Karin! I will definitely review it when we use it. I am sure we would have already broken into it except Ansley has been sick this week. BOO. But at least she wasn't on her birthday right? :)

It Thames & Kosmos Genetic and DNA experiment kit. Such a great gift. It was from our sweet friends who live next door. Ansley was so happy!
Karin said…
Bummer on the sickness. My husband and Ashley (small girl) were sick last week.

I did find the kit on Amazon and was bummed it only got 3 stars. I am hoping a review from you will change things!

We just got our free PhysicsQuest 2011 kit in the mail (I ordered it months ago). It's from Educational Innovations. It's greared towards middle school kids and is a comic book about a girl named Spectra and you read about her adventures and do experiments while going through the comic book. Julie is thrilled and we are going to start it tonight! I thought of Ansley when we got it!


It took months to get but worth it! It's a complete kit with four experiments!