Christmas ..Part 2

Finally getting around to posting Christmas pics. I know, only a week late LOL. Christmas was wonderful here. Snow was on the ground and softly falling from the sky and we were blessed to spend it together with my mom. It was a perfect day.

A violin from Memom and PopPop! Just perfect.

Just for a comparison. Check out the size difference between mine and A's. Lessons start next week and she can't wait!
Body paint from Tiff, need I say more...I have been a living canvas for this child LOL.
A received this awesome set of castle blocks from my mom and they have been a huge hit. She has built with them everyday.

A loves this game. It's called Qwirkle and is a strategy, critical thinking, puzzle game. It reminds me of a cross between dominos and scrabble. I had been wanting to get it for her for quite a while. It really is a lot of fun and makes you think. Merry late Christmas ya'll!


MommyWise said…
Great Pics! Aidan got that same Playmobil set from Santa.. along with the hospital... I love the violin.