Christmas packages....

Hello! I have barely had a chance to get online the last week. I have so many things to post about, but so little time to do it in.

First off, Dh headed out of town this week for a conference, and A and I missed him like crazy. She had a hard time sleeping and it was after 11 every night before she feel asleep. I had plans on finishing Christmas presents up this week so I could mail them out, but that did not happen. So now that DH is back, tomorrow I will get them done, packed up, Christmas cards labeled, and then out in the mail first thing Monday.

All but one one my Christmas present orders have arrived...but not without a little drama. Monday night I received the weirdest phone call. It was blowing hard outside...about 70mph with pouring sideways rain. The conversation went a little something like this...

"Hello is this Amanda?"


"I think UPS really messed up with your package. I found it and 2 others in the middle of the road on my way home from work."

"what? Where at?"

"Over on the spit, by the old Alaska ship."

"umm...ok, let me see..."

"I'm going to be up till 11 or so tonight if you want to come over and get it."

Alright, sure, let me just head over to a random strange dude's apartment to pick up a package he may or may not have. Yeah, no, not by myself. So I headed downstairs and asked my sweet friend if she wanted to come with me to some random guy's apartment with me LOL. She of course said yes and we drove on over to his place. After knocking on the door he answered and said "Come on in". I looked at Kim and she looked at me and I mouthed.. "leave the door open!" LOL. Of course he was just a nice guy and there sitting in the middle of his living room floor where 3 big soaking wet boxes.

Luckily, it was the Christmas present that my mom and I bought DH. A pair of waders for wet was okay.

I called UPS the next day, and well on this island we don't really have UPS and a big brown truck. Once the pkg gets to Anchorage, it is sent over on a plane via ACE cargo and then I believe a guy who is contracted by UPS picks it up and takes it to either the post office, or in our case, typically to DH's work. I wasn't sure if I should call ACE or UPS. I didn't need anything done, but I thought they should I was expecting my violin in a few days (that's another post) and if this package had been that, it would have been destroyed. I decided to try ACE first, but when they answered, the gentleman told me "I'll tell you right away I can't help you. I am the pilot. Everyone is out trying to unload the plane before the next storm sets in. I just heard the phone ringing and thought I would answer it." Yep, that's how things are done here LOL.

So I called UPS and after attempting to explain where I am and how things work out here, the agent finally said, "let me just write a report on this and someone will call you...within the hour" Well 15 mins later, the phone rang and amazingly I had the regional manager from Anchorage on the phone. A local...or somewhat LOL. He was great and I now have his direct line in case I have any other problems.

Ahh life on the edge of the world LOL.

That's all for now. Bedtime!


Sarah said…
Love your story! I can relate! Thanks for sharing it. It gave me a good laugh!
Amanda said…
Sarah- I am sure you can. I am still waiting on 2 pkgs sent the day after thanksgiving to get here LOL. No telling when they will