Middle Ages through the Reformation

Time to play a little catch up!
I thought I would showcase a bit of A's work from the Middle Ages, Renaissance, and the Reformation.
Some of these were assignments from the Oak Meadow 6th Grade Curriculum, some from her online Horrible Histories class with G3, and some were my own creations.

After studying the Magna Carta in her G3 class, one of the wonderful assignments given to her was to create a Minor Carta of her own. She was to write 10 rules for herself and her family and have us sign it. She loved this assignment.

The illuminated manuscripts from the Middle Ages were beautiful. One of the Oak Meadow assignments was to create her own. A wrote a short poem, illustrated it, and used my metallic paints to create her manuscript page.

Of course how can you study the Middle Ages without covering knights and ballards.
A wrote her own...another wonderful assignment from Oak Meadow.

I love how Oak Meadow incorporates the study of artists as well. Studying Michelangelo and the Sistine Chapel, A created her own paint in a similar fashion as artists would have during the Renaissance.
A crushed chalk pastels...

...mixed egg yolks and a bit of water...
...mixed the crushed chalk with the egg mixture, and we had paint...
 Of course Michelangelo laid on his back on scaffolding as he painted the Sistine Chapel. Did you know it took him 4 years?!
I wasn't about to try to rig up our own scaffolding, so we made do by taping paper under a chair.
According to A, Michelangelo must have had incredible arm muscles because this was hard!
In keeping with Renaissance themes, she painted a crucifix. 
Much, much more difficult then she expected, and she wasn't thrilled, but I thought it was an excellent teaching moment. To really see how difficult it would have been to paint in that manner.

Another wonderful assignment from A's Horrible Histories class was given after studying Martin Luther's Reformation.
She was to chose a social issue from the Middle Ages and write her own 5 Theses and attach it to our door.
She chose Surfdom.
I love how these assignments really make her apply what she has learned!

Well that's it for now. I will continue over the next few days to play catch up and update you on all our summer learning plans!
For now it is late and I am off to bed.
Good night all!