Trout fishing

We are finally starting to settle in here. The new carpet is in and the house is well on its way to being put together. A even did some school work this week. (With all the chaos of the last few months, we are still finishing up last year's curriculum.) 

My mom flew in Friday evening and apparently brought the heat with her! Seriously, it has been close to 100 degrees here in Northern Montana the last few days! It's normally in the 70s or low 80s. Ick! At least the mornings are still cool and there have been some nice breezes most days.

It's fun living the Montana life and reminds me of Alaska. We got up early Saturday morning and all piled in the car and headed to a farm about an hour away. There's a stocked pond there full of rainbow trout, and the beauty of the surrounding sweet grass hills was soul soothing.
One can soar imagine settling this land by covered wagon, the wide, windswept prairie laid out beneath the big Montana sky. 
It is wonderful to see my mom enjoying little W. He has changed so much since she was last with us in December. In fact, tomorrow he turns 1! Who can believe the time has flown so fast.
A practiced her fly rod again but soon switched to her spinner.
Right off the bat she caught this rainbow trout that was about 11 inches.
She also hooked a tiny baby, perfect to show W before releasing it back to grow.

But the most exciting by far was A hooking this 14 inch beauty. He put up a good fight too. She was thrilled and let me snap some pics before we released him.
And even here in northern Montana there are snakes. This little garter snake kept coming over to investigate what we were up to.
It was a great day, even if it was 20 degrees hotter than normal. I can definitely say we are loving Montana!


Tammy said…
What a fun day!
And W is growing fast, how can he be 1 already??

But A? That girl is half grown, mama! So different from Alaska.
Don't feel badly, we've still got about 23 lessons to finish from 1st
grade ourselves, lol. It's just been a lazy spring.