Mount Rushmore

I've been meaning to get this post up for a week now, but during our cross country drive last week on our big move from New Mexico to Montana, we all came down with bronchitis. We are just starting to feel human again. 

Traveling with an 8 year old, just turned 11 month old, two dogs, and a guinea pig all in two separate cars is exhausting! I knew it would be, so I planned to break up our trip with a stop in Rapid City, SD. After two days of driving we arrived and spent two nights at a hotel with an indoor water park. Score! 

We took a whole day and explored what the Black Hills had to offer. Of course our first trip was to Mount Rushmore. 
I downloaded the book "Where is Mount Rushmore" on A's kindle and had her read it before we went. Great idea as she was full of facts and tidbits that she shared as we walked.
It was amazing to see the mountain in person!

I had to snap a pic under the Montana flag since that's our new home.
A had an incredible opportunity to meet with one of the men who worked on carving Mount Rushmore. She spoke with him awhile, we bought his book, which she started reading as soon as we got to the car, and we took her picture with him. Thinking about what he has seen and experienced in his life is amazing.
And here's s sculpture of the sculptor of Mount Rushmore 😃

It was a wonderful experience! After our tour we headed to Bear Country USA. Stay tuned for that fun adventure!


Tammy said…
What a wonderful trip!
I'd love to see Mt. Rushmore someday.

Beautiful territory up there.