Spring Pics 2013

Still on vacation for 2 more days. Listening to the deep breathing of my sweet child as she sleeps and the distant rumble of thunder breaking through the soft splatter of rain drops on the roof. Life is good. I take these moments in and just breath. 

Not a long post tonight, just some spring pics that I took last week. Every year for the past 3, I have taken A when we come to town to Norton Art Gallery and walked their beautiful grounds taking pictures and soaking in memories. Sadly this year will be the last, as Norton's is fencing in their beautiful gardens and disallowing all photography (even amateur) , picnics, and enjoyment of this beautiful space. A true loss for all in Northwest Louisiana.

But for now, I smile and shake my head in amazement at how much my baby has changed over the years through these sessions.

Spring pics. 2013


Unknown said…
Your daughter is ABSOLUTELY gorgeous! I came to check your blog/website out again today after re-reading my comments on my own.
I instantly knew where you were positioned -- only because *grins with embarrasment* of Dutch Harbour! Of course we get Deadliest Catch here and I love the show... and always just freak out over the weather that your seas throw at the sailors.
Go to my website, Amanda and email me there www.nadinechristian.com and I'll give you my personal email.... I wanna chat now! LOL