Eagle fights and beach combing

Well, we are back home. Left the warm of the south and returned to our island home. When we flew in Sunday morning the weather was decent, but quickly deteriorated  and by 4pm there was a fresh coating of snow on the ground and I couldn't see out of my windows. The blowing snow stopped that night, and then the rain started. It blew and rained for 3 days. Today, the sun finally came out, or tried to...and we did to.

We headed out and stopped at the dump on our way to toss some trash. While there we watched a bunch of eagles fight of something.

Then I couldn't get out of my car to toss the garbage because these guys had grabbed a loaf of bread and started fighting inches from my car door.

I waited till they moved enough, quickly hopped out and unloaded and left. LOL

Our next stop was the beach. Perfect weather, just slightly breezy. We had a lot of fun exploring, climbing, and collecting sea glass. Even better was when A's best friend and her family arrived and they played and explored for another 2 hours. Unfortunately my camera battery died right before they got there. The two of them climbed high up a cliff, found "hermit crabs"... I personally say they are water snails, and collected more cool treasures. Luckily, her mom had her camera so I will get some of those pics soon.

 Back at home we examined out many wonderful finds.

It was so nice to get outside after the rain and cold. A perfect day.