Earth science intro.

Wow, I've been missing in action on this blog haven't I? We have been so busy here and I have been trying to get back into the swing of things since coming back home. I missed blogging though, so hopefully I will be back into the swing of this soon as well.

In school, A decided she really wanted to focus on earth science, so we started with the layers of the earth. 

We made our own playdough, and then built our earth layer by layer.

A carefully used the big knife to slice it in half.

And there you go, the layers right there to explore.

She then worked on some 3 part cards...

...and completed some worksheets to place in her science notebook she started.

We've been doing lots of projects the last few days and I'll try to post those soon. 
It's still pretty cool here. Mid to high 30's, sometimes inching into the 40's with lots of clouds and wind. I am definitely missing the green of Louisiana, and am eagerly awaiting June when we will finally start to get some green on the mountains. 
Well, off to bed. Have a great night everyone.